Sunday, 19 June 2011

Weekly photo - candid

This week's theme was candid.  Sam is on the ball tonight and has uploaded her's from last week and this week's already, they can be seen here and I am sure Louise will be posting her's soon.  As for me well, I managed a couple, the first was taken during an evening in Truro on Thurs with some of the others from camera club.  We had a stroll around the cathedral and I saw this girl sat on the grass busy chatting on the phone.

The second is of Amanda, she had one of her guinea pigs out and she was busy talking to it, as I went to take the picture she looked up and had to pull a face!! Taken via the window.


  1. The random stranger reminds me of a less tasteful picture I really wanted to take..late night, a girl sitting against a shop doorway in Liverpool city centre.. she was drunk and had been sick all over her leg.. but was still.. texting..I so wanted a picture of that! (Sorry didn't mean to bring the level down, but you can rely on me!)

  2. I can rely on you Kathi :) I would of wanted to take a picture as well. Just the sort I am looking for!! x

  3. These are great Karen, good one of Amanda xx


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