Friday, 17 June 2011

In search of the lunar eclipse

On Wed 15th there was a lunar eclipse apparently!  I went off in search of it and saw absolutely nothing that resembled a moon at all, way too much cloud cover in Cornwall that evening.  Still the sun did peek it's head out momentarily to set and I managed to take this picture.  It fascinates me how the camera sees sunsets, skies etc totally different to our eyes.  This is sooc.

I love it, but the sky didn't look anything like that. It was taken with a fixed focal 400mm lens ( I was planning of photographing the moon!!), ISO 100 and cloudy WB and that is what it came out as.  A couple of minutes later I took a photo of some calves in the field next to the one above,

and it came out like this - which is more realistic than the first one.  Only difference in the settings were I had upped the ISO to 200 as the light was dropping.  Once again sooc.

I came across this article the other date and personally found it very interesting, hopefully some of you will as well.


  1. your first photo is straight out of the camera Karen? Wow very impressive i thought you might have played around with the colours in photoshop a little.

    Great article too sums it up nicely i think xx

  2. Love the sunset.. it is amazing how cameras translate, I think they must have Picasa's I feel Lucky programme in them sometimes!


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