Sunday, 3 April 2011

Portraits ....

.. was this week's challenge.  Not something I get to do very often and I did think I was going to fail again and have to use one previously taken .... but I'm delighted to say I have some new one's to show :)  It happened to be a practical night at camera club this week and one of the members brought in his studio lights and another member brought in some models, in the form of her daughter and two friends, all three are extremely photogenic and very good sports. So here are my offerings for this week.  Here are Louise's handsome clan.

 First up is Jack

followed by Beccy.  These were taken using two studio lights and a black back drop.

This one is an older one, it was taken during Feb half term.  One of my mum's at work was happy for me to take some photos of her new son, who is just so adorable, this is one of my favourite.

I had a big debate with a chap at cc re portrait images.  He says that a good portrait has to have the eyes of the model wide open and they are not to be smiling.  I can't bring myself to fully agree with that, I like to see a model smiling I feel it shows some of their personality and gives something to the photo, yes admittedly the eyes close up somewhat when laughing or smiling (mine nearly disappear altogether - not photogenic!) but it gives life to the image.  Though having said all that it does depend what you are trying to convey in your image as well.  Having seen Louise's images the first two make me wonder what they are thinking, while the others make me smile so much especially the pout!!  Love to know what everyone else looks for in a portrait.

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  1. Karen, you photos are perfect portraits.

    I have to agree I always think of portraits as being very formal, but much prefer them more informal. A smile can convey so much and if you wonder what a subject is thinking (they were probably thinking "hurry up mum")then i think you have captured a moment. Your first two subjects are smiling and it makes you want to smile too. Capturing personality is a hard one, i think you have to know the subject to convey it.

    Love the b&w photo - such a special moment to have recorded xxx

    I've enjoyed this week's challenge Karen - Thank you xx


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