Sunday, 27 March 2011

Failed again :(

for the second week on the trot I have failed to complete our photo of the week challenge.  The theme was 'deliberate blur/panning' Louise has completed the challenge brilliantly with her images here I'm hoping she will grant me two more evenings to complete it .... please Louise!
It's not that I haven't taken any photos this week because I have but they have all be slow moving or still items... ie trees, houses, flowers.  Which I shall show you during the week, just to prove I haven't been idle.

This coming week our theme is portraits, both of us should manage that as between us we have five very good looking youngters.  Fingers crossed mine will play game!!


Thank you for visiting by my blog, I enjoy reading all your comments, they make my day!

Please pop back again and visit anytime, always happy to see you :)

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