Sunday, 9 January 2011

Week 9 of our photo challenge.

This week we decided to take some images from a low angle, Louise's are here.  I wanted to get some up to date photos of Sammy as I have a feeling time is getting short for us all.  Normally as soon as I lay on the floor he gets up and comes straight over to me and lays down with me making it impossible to take a photo of him from a low angle, this time he just laid there then eventually buried his head in his quilt, his way of telling me he had had enough.  He does look very sorry for himself as he had just had his eye drops, hence his eyes look so watery.  Bless him.

Mick and I went for a lovely walk out to Nare Head this morning, it was glorious, blue skies, sun shining, lambs running around the fields, hard to believe it was the 9th of January and 12 months ago we were covered in snow and at a stand still.  As you walk along you come across sheep grazing happily, or as in the case of this one just lying there enjoying the warmth of the sun.  Usually they trot away when you approach them but this one just carried on lying there, must have known as was going to get on my knees for her - which I did,

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  1. great pics Karen, Sammy is gorgeous i can't beleive he is the culprit keeping you awake all night. Looks as if you had good photo weather today too xx


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