Saturday, 8 January 2011

A good start to the New Year.

Well I really feel the gods have been looking down kindly on us this week.  Amanda turned 16 on Tuesday and she wanted to have a family meal, so we went to The Heron Inn at Malpas, which I can fully recommend for excellent food, service with a smile and all at a reasonable price.  Wednesday saw us all returning to normal, work, college and school, just as if the last two and a half weeks had never happened!  Thursday turned out to be the best day of the week as Bernadette passed her driving test first time and Mick finally .... and I mean finally heard that his job with the council is safe - we were suppose to hear the beginning of November!!!  It wasn't until I heard that I realised how the wait had got to me - such a relief.  Now I can concentrate on worrying about Bernadette being out on the road on her own, though I know I will get use to it after awhile.  Have to say it was nice when she offered to pick Amanda up from the station today for me... I could get use to this!

After weeks of living off two to four hours sleep a night due to Sammy's nocturnal activities we gave in and spoke with the vet yesterday who prescribed sleeping tablets for him.  I had seven hours sleep last night and actually felt like a human being today - wonderful.  We did and do feel guilty about it - but there was no way we could carry on as we were and I'm sure he will feel better for it in the long run.

Thought I would post a photo of Amanda, not taken on her birthday, but on the 22nd Dec an hour after she had her braces removed flashing those lovely teeth off.


  1. Ah, Karen, so good to hear those pieces of good news and I totally understand about realising how the tension was there.. but not til afterwards! Why can't the good and bad be spaced out tidily instead of all or nothing, mind you it makes weeks like this seem brilliant doesn't it? Congratulations to the girls too.. some milestones sorted there! xxx

  2. What a week Karen! Happy Birthday to Amanda and Congrats to Bernedette xx


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