Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A walk down memory lane.

Every now and then I sit down and transfer my photos to an external hard drive (If you are reading this and takes photos and don't save copies start doing so straight away, as once gone they cannot be replaced - I know I learnt the hard way!).  Naturally this means I revisit old images that I have taken and in a way forgotten about and it ends up like a walk down memory lane, as behind each photo there is a story be it a long one or a short one, but each one has a special memory for me.  The one below was taken last April, at a local ploughing demonstration.  I have always loved shire horses and was determined to get there to see the demonstration. I dragged Amanda along (who admitted afterwards to really enjoying it) and we had a lovely morning watching the shires work the land.  All the shires were stunning but these three captured my heart.  The day also led to my meeting a gentleman who breeds minature shetlands and ponies, who has been kind enough to allow me to go and photograph his animals as much as I like, which for me is a wonderful opportunity and I am looking forward to the good weather to get back there.


  1. and I love the Black & White, quite vintage.. maybe even deserving of a scrap page?? Go on!

  2. Whilst posting it I thought what a great scarp page it would make.....who knows - maybe that should be my challenge to do one page a month!!


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