Sunday, 30 January 2011

Photo a week

Ok hands up I have failed miserably again at an indoor still life - full of good intentions then everything goes to pot... BUT.... I do have some outdoor still life.  This afternoon I went to Wheal Martyn (an old clay workings) with some of the camera club members and we spent the afternoon wandering around. It is a lovely area for walking and interesting to see the remains of the old workings, it is hard to image what working conditions must have been like in those days.  Here are the outdoor still life I came up with - you will have to excuse my ignorance as I have no idea what the items are called or were used for, though the second is possibly a drive wheel of some description!

Louise on the other hand has been very creative and completed the brief very well.

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  1. Very creative Karen, i like these! Old and Rustic.


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