Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Cotehele Christmas Garland

Last Sunday Mick took me to Cotehele House to see the Christmas Garland, as it was such a lovely day we went on the bike.  I am glad we went but I was a little bit disappointed purely because of the size. I had expected it to be so much bigger.  Admittedly it is amazing 40,000 flower heads have been used and I believe it takes either two or three weeks to put together, so actually it is impressive! Lol. The chapel it is in is quite small as well. 


It was a lovely day apart from having a little tumble off the bike on the way home. We had stopped at a junction which involved a hill start to set off, we stalled, over balance and toppled off!! Thankfully the bike has crash bars so that saved the bike as well as our legs, we both managed to land on our feet but as o came off my ankle dragged across something and I now have a rather colorful ankle!! I am just so glad I was wearing boots and padded leggings!! 

Still it could have been a lot worse and it is the first time in 26yrs that he has thrown me off so I can't complain really lol 

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