Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Normally on Christmas Eve we go down to Mousehole to see the lights and then have Fish and Chips at the best chippy in the West but this year I was working until 5.15pm and B was spending part of the evening with her bf and his mum, so we decided to eat at home then go for a stroll round Mevagissey and have a drink.  Initially I was going to take the camera for some evening shots but then decided not to, due to it being rather windy and not wishing to bore the family too much ....... after all it was Christmas Eve!!  So a quick shot with my compact and off to the pub for a drink - though not for me as I have been on antibiotics since Wednesday for a gum abscess and no alcohol allowed. It has been very dry to say the least -  for me anyway lol!!

Christmas Day I dragged everyone out for a very blustery walk around The Nare - it was actually very enjoyable.  Rather choppy at sea though!

Hope you have all had a great time over the Christmas weekend. 

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