Sunday, 8 November 2015

A new list

The weeks fly by normally but I know the next six weeks will be travelling ultra quick!  I enjoy the Christmas preparations but I usually hit chritmas day running and feel I have missed out on many pre Christmas events.   

This morning whilst surfing Pinterest I saw a "100 things to do this winter"list. Now like many of you I LOVE lists. The list was really good (can't find it now lol) but there was a lot of things on there that I would not want to do, so I decided to make up my own list of '100 things to do before Christmas'.  Now I know I shall most likely not achieve the whole list as there is only 46 days left until Christmas Eve ( yep sorry to break that news but only 46 days until Santa arrives), but I shall see what I can do and hopefully by the time Christmas as arrives I will have crossed some off and enjoyed the build up to the weekend and collected a whole bunch of new memories. 

So here is my list so far, as you will notice my list hasn't reached 100 yet, which does make it more achievable but it means I can add to it as I think of more things to put on it.  Some of the items are very obvious and would be done anyway but they still need to be done :) (a slight cheat I guess ;) 


100 Things to do before Christmas

1.    Go to a Christmas craft fair,
2.    Put some pet food in the charity box,
3.    Buy some pressies and take to the local present bank,
4.    Cothele House to see the Christmas Garland,
5.    Choose advent calendars,
6.    Decorate the tree,
7.    Make Christmas cake,
8.    Decide on menu for Christmas Day,
9.    Decide on Christmas Eve activity,
10.   Christmas pressie shopping,
11.   Wrap presents,
12.   Pick Amanda up from uni,
13.  Christmas meal X 2,
14.  Flowers to family graves,
15.   Finish poncho,
16.   Visit Trebah gardens,
17.   Heligan Christmas event,
18.  Watch the Minions film,
19.  Go to a carol service,
20.  Make some hand made gifts,
21.   Watch Love Actually,
22.  Start a new tradition,
23.  Photograph some Christmas lights,
24.  Late night shopping,
25.  Treat myself to the odd hot chocolate,
26.  Go for a walk on Christmas Day,
27.  Watch the Boxing Day swim, (ok after Christmas for this one!),
28.  Bake some biscuits,
29.  Write to Sue,
30.  Write to Joy,
31.   Have a manicure,
32.   Have a pedicure,
33.   Have a tarot card reading,
34.   Have breakfast at Griggs,
35.   Use up some odd balls of wool,
36.   Meet up with one of my cousins,
37.   Get in touch with someone who I have lost contact with,
38.   Learn how to create a playlist,
39.   Create a Christmas play list,
40.  Wish some strangers Merry Christmas,
41.   Make a Christmas wreath,
42.   Buy a new diary,
43.   Buy secret Santa gifts X 2,
44.   Make some mulled cider,
45    Make Christmas pies,
46.   Read 'The Night Before Christmas',
47.   Go and see the Christmas Reindeer in Truro,
48.   Go and see Father Christmas,
49.    Wear a Christmas hat at work,
50.   Photograph a frosty morning - if we had any, not popular in neck of the woods lol.
51.   Buy Christmas cards,
52.   Write cards,
53.   Post cards,


  1. I saw this list too and it tempted me to make my own. I just don't know if I need to add another list to the already millions I have! Good luck on crossing yours off though!

    1. Lol I probably don't either but will give it a go, I like to think I will tick off some of the not so obvious items as well as the obvious!!

  2. Haha Karen, I have "write to Karen" on my mental list of things to do this month, after I tidy my desk, have a bit of a declutter and a few other things, don't think I'll attempt 100 though.
    x x x

  3. if you manage the majority of these Karen, you'll be super prepared this christmas. the one that catch my eye was make some mulled cider - let me know how it turns out :)
    Hope you are all good x x


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