Sunday, 20 September 2015

Music video

Earlier this year Bernadette went to a concert (or gig as they call them now!) to see Brothers and Bones (never heard of them myself lol) as she was going in some guy asked if he could take her photo - amazingly she agreed and it turns out it was for their music video.  She went to see them again last night in Plymouth and when she was buying their CD and getting it signed they recognised her as the girl in their video lol.  I said they should have given her a free cd lol.  Not really sure they are my taste but she is 30secs in on the video looking very grumpy (which is what they wanted apparently lol)
Funny how she will let a stranger take her photo but not her mum!! Hmmm ;)  and if she sees the post I shall be in big trouble!!!

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