Sunday, 28 December 2014

2014 round up

I know it isn't NYE's yet but as I have written the post already I thought I would post it, so here is my 2014 round up!! 
Really not sure where to begin with this as it has been such a busy year!!  So shall attempt to keep it brief - though briefness (is there such a word??) is not my strong point!!
Bernadette - turned 21, graduated with a 1st in Law with honours (proud??? OH YES!! ) week in Belgium teaching English, a weekend in Rome with Amanda, a week in Italy with boyfriend then another week in Italy with boyfriend.  Weekend in London with me and Amanda.
August Amanda passed her first year exams so can continue with her Veterinary Nursing training. Found herself a work placement in Bristol at a practice and they are happy to see her through her degree for the next year and a half. 
Mick - Switzerland, France, Holland and Belgium on the motorbike with the men boys!!  Altered the garage roof from flat to pitched and redecorated the lounge.
I asked him to take some photos of windmills and tulips for me..............  I should have known better!!!
Mick and I had a trip to Iceland, such an experience even though the Northern Lights did not perform for us - maybe another time. A couple of short breaks to Wales which was lovely and a week in Sharm El Sheikh - on our own!!!!!  little tinkers that we are lol
Sky to earth snow in Iceland.
Me -work has been a year of ups and downs so I decided to do some retraining and started collecting bits of paper so that come April next year I will have several more strings to my bow when the big changes take place.  Currently on one course, due to start another the end of January and a third in April.  Therotically I should only have two running at any one time and not get bogged down too much.
Camera club has been a bumpy ride as well this last year and rather unexpectedly I find myself as President and hoping that the current committee and I can settle it all down and rebuild it.
Photography - Hair and beauty awards for St Austell college, People and Gardens fashion show and throughout the year, Library Tree leaflet, British Championships Mens athletics, Jetskis, telephone boxes, toilets, started photo group.  Fashion photography workshop in Lacock.
 Hair and Beauty Awards.

People and Gardens Fashion Show.
Athletics Championship 

 Jet skis

Library Tree

Toilets - couldn't not show lol

 Well I reviewed my 2014 resolutions to discover I had failed miserably - no great surprise there to be honest.  I don't know why I set them as I never remember that I have set them after I have done it and hence fail each time!!!  I could/should say I won't but that wouldn't be me and surely it can't be that hard to stick to a few simple plans!!  Can it??  Maybe one of them should be to keep to my resolutions!!  Or just to remember I actually made some - that would be even better! xx


  1. I didn't know you did a course in Lacock - that's only a few miles from my home, we could have met up!

    It sounds like you've had a busy year and good luck for next year's resolutions ... just review them each month to keep them fresh in your mind (says the person who forgets half of hers!!).

  2. busy, busy, busy, and it doesn't look as if 2015 will be any less busy for you, so take things steady and enjoy where you can.
    Joy x x x
    p.s. the word for briefness is brevity!

  3. it sure has been an eventful year for you. mick's pic made me smile :) x


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