Monday, 10 November 2014

Our holiday - part 1

Already the 10th November and only 6wks til Christmas week and only four weeks til my first Christmas party and still no dress to wear and I still have a mini muffin sitting on my waist line!!!!  As you know I have very little will power on things like cutting down on food intake and as it has turned cold now it is even worse!!!  So if anyone has any fool prove tips for cutting down and loosing just a bit of extra weight do please tell me them. :)  other than having my mouth stitched up that is!!!!

So 7 days in Sharm El Sheikh - what was it like???  LOVELY, hot, blue skies, rather windy but that took the heat out so was lovely, water temperature just right, hotel - spot on, staff - amazing (they all loved Mick!!!!!)  and we were very well looked after, food - delicious, not many people there - just the way we like it (though got busier after Sunday for some odd reason), did I actually relax?  YES and found it sooo good and much needed, outside of the hotel complex?  well that was a different world, derelict buildings everywhere, pestered beyond belief (but we knew that would happen) and armed check points and partrolling armed guards everywhere, (which was interesting), lol would we go again?  Definitely.  Do I feel like I have never been away???  Yes lol, was back to work on Sat and back to busy, busy, busy, but making sure I keep in sensible - if that is possible lol.

So some nice photos of Sharm around the hotel first.

 So this is the front of the hotel Jaz Mirabel Beach
Some flowers - they look a bit like Rhododendrons 
Dried flower display inside the reception 

View from the main hotel
 Sat in the bar on the last day enjoying the blue sky.
 This was my main view for the week
and this was my other view (very big cheesy grin)
It was hard to get use to but I managed to force myself as you can image!!  lol
Shall bore you with some more tomorrow. xx


  1. I have a friend who has been there several times, she loves it there. Love your photos and glad you relaxed. Take care Diane

  2. Nothing like a real break to recharge the batteries - and the skies are almost as blue as ours!!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed your holiday. I love your main view for the week!

  4. its on my list to go one day! looks amazing. Good to hear you both had a super time x


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