Monday, 24 November 2014

Holiday - Part 3

These are the photos that the locals probably don't want the tourists taking and showing to people, then again maybe they do want the world to know that they are suffering with the economical climate as well that added to all the unrest out there.

From our hotel you could walk out the back to the beach and each hotel had a stretch of beach.  You could walk along the back of the hotels along a foot path.  Each hotel had security guards at each end of their 'patch' 24hrs a day.  It was no problem to walk along the path.  The first time we went to our right and this is what we found.

Apparently this hotel was built by a prince, he built a hospital on the other side of the road as well.  It has never been used, it is now just falling apart!!! 

 The door to the gents toilets for this hotel, (couldn't resist it lol) I did think of going in but Mick informed me that some dogs were on their way towards the block and they didn't look that friendly so we legged it!
The second time we walked to the right, it was only a short distance and then we reached the end of the hotels, we stood by the security guard and looked out on to a patch of waste land where approx. 10 local men were not far on the other side, as we looked they all turned to stare at us.  Mick and I both decided that it would not be a wise move to carry on walking and leave the security of the hotel zone, the men did not look that friendly!!!  So we turned around and went back for a cocktail lol
So there you have it - our holiday.  Now to start focussing on the festive season, not that I feel the slightest bit festive.  Off to London this weekend with the girls for some shopping and sight seeing.

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  1. It's a shame to see places left in a state like that...when it could be lovely. The cocktail sounds like a good move! have fun with the girls x x


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