Tuesday, 9 September 2014

September already

Last Sunday I said to myself I shall get back into blogging and do a post everyday in September, even if I just post a photo and no words........... well here we are the 9th and I have done nothing!!!  Life has been extremely hectic to say the least this summer with one thing and another happening, so much so I really can't remember everything that has happened to tell you about.  I guess the main things are - as you know Bernadette graduated and then managed to get herself a job with a law firm in Bristol, she started yesterday and so far she seems to like it, as I said to her it will be a big shock to the system, working 9-5, 5 days a week from now on, restricted holiday and the biggest crunch - being financially independent!!!!! 
Amanda past her first year exams after a couple of retakes - in her words "I have had a wake up call, nearly lost my dream because I spent too much time enjoying myself and not studying" !!!  Hopefully she will remember that for the next two years lol, glad she did realise it though. She is in Bristol as well in a work placement.
Mick has just come back from ten days in Switzerland (boys and their motorbikes) had a lovely time.  So that meant I had ten days completely on my own, only one word describes it..............bliss  lol
Our toilet project made it's way into the local newspaper much to my amusement and that of others, Mick and Bernadette are still trying to come to terms with why I would want to photograph toilets!!! Since that we have been contacted by the British Toilet Association and asked to write an article about our project for the magazine, which we have done!!! 
Once again we are undergoing changes at work, we won't know how they will affect us until Oct.  In the meantime I have decided to undergo some training  and shall be starting a number of training courses so that by April of next year I should have more avenues open to me.  It will be pretty hard going fitting it all in, but it has to be done - though my main worry is teaching myself to focus longer than five secs on any one subject!!!!! 

Tomorrow I am off to the docs for a steroid injection in my hip, hoping it will sort out the inflammation there and I can get back to some form of exercising!!

Some photos of what I have been up to over the last few months.

Dolphins spotted by The Nare.

British jetski championships,

Men's British Athletic Champhionships


  1. I see your fascination with toilets is going to make you a local celebrity!! What's up with your hip...I hope it calms down for you. it's no fun having hip pain...... x x

  2. Great news that your toilet project is attracting so much interest. How I envy you ten days of solitude - perhaps you could ask Mick to take GM next time :-)


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