Saturday, 19 July 2014

What a week

Well yet again it has been a week that has simply flown by and I think I am still reeling a bit from it all to be honest. Monday was another trip to People and Gardens for photos and I found myself yet again getting involved with fundraising ideas for them ready for a Directors meeting next week.
Tuesday I had a lovely walk with a friend and finally sorted details for a photo project we are going to work on together which you can read about here date is now set for the first shoot 30th July on the Roseland. Wednesday was the big day that B has been working towards for the last three years and what a fantastic day it turned out to be.  The gods looked after us all - that is all I can say. I will post all about it in a separate post - but the icing on the cake for the day was viewing a room in a house for Amanda to stay in whilst at her next work placement in Bristol and it is perfect, a lovely lady and her 10 yr old son.  So nice and a real weight off our shoulders.  Thursday and Friday was work and running around in the afternoon and out for a meal with friends from London who are house hunting down here for the week. A lovely evening. I was looking forward to a weekend off and pure chilling but we are now taking B back to Bristol tomorrow to her new house and today has been tail chasing and catching up with computer related things!!! 

So as far as my contribution to the Lucky 7's in 2014 weekly challenge here is my one post lol - sorry for the repetition of subject matter but that has been my week :)

 Our  2 beautiful daughters and yes I am totally bias :) and don't care.

 The 3 loves of my life.

 Approx 50 hats flying high
10 blue oyster mushrooms growing
1 courgette growing
7 peas in my first pea pod
99 law graduates waiting to receive their award
 Linking up with Lucky 7's in 2014


  1. Great pictures Karen. I agree, your daughters are beautiful!

  2. I'm jealous! My courgette plants have plenty of flowers but no sign at all of any actual courgettes.

    It's lovely to see your girls doing so well ... you must be a very proud mum xx

  3. Lovely photos Karen. It looks like you had a lovely, busy week.

  4. you sound busy. Congrats to B on her graduation x

  5. Most excellent contribution Karen.. I like ti when the prompts get done in one go!


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