Wednesday, 30 July 2014

100 Happy Days,

100 Happy Days - mega catch up, have been taking them, just not had chance to post them!!
Day 67 - Graduation
 Day 68 - Roche Rock, a very popular spot for photography but this was the first time I had taken one!
 Day 69 - A lone chair spotted whilst out on a walk, made me smile.
 Day70 - a beautiful walk on the beach,
 Day 71 - more fushcia's flowering,
 Day 72 - a rather large bull by our car!
 Day 73 - stroll out to nare head, love the hay fields and clouds,
 Day74 - A unexpected poppy in the veg patch.
 Day 75 - Blueberries ripening,
 Day 76 - An amazing hanging basket, mind never look like this,
  Day 77 - Self seeded holly growing in the front hedge,
Day 78  - Yeah the garage is finally finished :)


  1. Yeah to the garage. Are you allowed to put anything in it? I just i'm not allowed too lol! Great photos Karen x

  2. I know the feeling well. Easy to take the photos but finding the time to post.... Some great shots here. Have a good day. Diane


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