Sunday, 22 June 2014

Up Close round up

So here we have it, a round up of this week's 'up close' photos, some guessed not all.

Day 1. Well no one got this one and guess I was a little mean with it.  It is lengths of flexible potting moulds.  Basically you cut it to the size pot you want and then plant the plant in it and into the ground.  The nodules on the sides have little holes in them that allow the roots to grow out and not become pot bound but keeps the main root together.  Used a lot at the Eden Project. 

Day 2.  Everyone guessed this one, vertical blinds.


Day 3.   Desk top lamp - guessed by some I believe. :)


Day 4. Plug well done Kathi,



Day 5.   Easy one, shells,

Day 6. The 2nd one that got everyone and in fairness I would say unless you have one or know someone close who has one you would not of guessed it. 
This is my little secret that sometimes I am happy to share it with the world then other times I am very shy/embarrassed about and not so happy to share :(  It took me quite a while to come to terms with wearing a hearing aid and thankfully with my hair no one can see it.  It comes into it's own sometimes at work when dealing with someone who has them but doesn't wear them and starts saying "you have no idea what it is like" then I can say "actually I do!!!" I totally understand the isolation caused by not be able to hear what is being said, one of the reasons I don't watch TV is because - prior to 'being wired for sound' (as I call it) I couldn't hear what was being said so gave up and now I really don't have much interest in it, though I do watch some things, but I haven't seen it at all whilst Mick has been away lol.  So there you go - you all know my little secret - well that one anyway ;)

Then today's mystery photo, even I am not sure what it is, we think it is a jelly fish as there are a lot of big one's around at the mo.
Here is the original photo
and the close up is the light patch on the right - spooky.
Off out for the father in laws birthday this evening, a full house from our side, so there should be no moanings!!!


  1. Karen, They were some good mysteries there. I've never seen the flexible potting moulds I think they are a brilliant idea.
    I would never have guessed the others but I should have guessed the hearing aid as I wear one myself. Well done.

  2. Ahhh, April and I thought it was something which let water through but as we haven't seen it, that explains why! Good choices though, all round and thanks again for the idea. Glad you have the hearing help.. and now because you don't watch TV more time for other fun things?! xx

  3. Oh no! I don't blog read for a couple of days and i missed all your close up posts. I love guessing these too. after a quick scroll through i would never have guessed some of these x x


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