Monday, 26 May 2014

Face book and Retail Awards, part 1

I finally did it yesterday, I deactivated my face book account!!!!!!  Scary stuff, how will I survive without checking my timeline every ten minutes to see if someone has posted something or made some amazing status about their life.........WILL I survive????? What will I do with myself???
Well for starters I intend to get back into blogging:) -  yes I admit it I will find it hard to start with just as I do whenever I stop something, but I know ultimately I will be happier. I am very guilty of spending way too much time on there, I am an all or nothing girl I just cannot do controlled measures (sounds better than saying I have no self discipline - which is more truthful lol) It isn't that I post much but I spend a lot of time private chatting with people and that is what I will miss most, but as I have said to them, now it just means that if we want to talk we have to do it the old fashioned way... face to face or on the phone or for those further away good old letter writing lol. oh there is still emails and texts of course, can't give up on technology altogether can I???
So what has been happening in my part of the world whilst I have been away from blogland.  I have been busy honestly, in fact very busy.  So to start the slow catch up, a couple of weeks ago on the 12th May the Retail Awards at St Austell college took place. I have been wanting to photograph this event for some time now and was very excited about having the opportunity.  I did enlist the help of three friends as I knew it was just too big for me to do on my own and I was so right!!!  We started taking photos of the technical rehearsals at 9.45am (the actual show started at 8pm) and we stopped at 9.30pm when the whole event finished.  To say we were shattered would be an under statement lol.  It actually took me a couple of days to get over it, as it took a lot more out of me than I had expected,  but it was worth it.  We found it very challenging with regard to the lighting.  The show had a kaleidoscope theme so seven groups making up the colours of the rainbow, blue, green, red, orange, yellow, purple and rainbow.  Each group had lighting to match their colour, yellow was fantastic, but when the blue came on the stage I couldn't see anything as they were suppose to be under the water!!! 

Anyway here are some of the images from the event.






Green (beauty department)


They all did an amazing job, some of the girls were literally shaking with fear at going on the stage, bless them.  A brilliant day and we have been asked to do another photo shoot in Oct and a repeat performance of this next year :) Happy teddy here.
You can see more images on my photo blog here


  1. Is this the show you said about when we met? Have you finished editing all the photos from that day? Some of those hairstyles are amazing, they must have taken ages to do.

  2. Wow the hair is AMAZING!!! And Facebook is overrated in my opinion... The only reason i am now on there is because of DT requirements and i am not even public.

    1. The hair styles were amazing, I wouldn't have the patience lol. x

  3. I was going to say the same about the hairstyles, quite fantastic. Well done for a hard days work Karen, some lovely shots. I spend far too much time on Facebook too, but I'm not quite ready to leave yet. Joy x x

  4. Instagram is my downfall. fb I find too much so I don;t blame you for leaving it. That must have been a great experience to photograph. the costumes and hair are amazing! x


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