Sunday, 5 January 2014

The cake

I took the Christmas decorations down today - for the first time ever I was really reluctant to do it, no idea why but I was.  Anyway they are all packed away in the loft for another year.
Last night's meal went very well, I am almost disappointed to say that granny said nothing  - I think she was more nervous than Aaran was lol. The meal was very nice and a good evening had by all. 
As for the birthday cake, was amazing even though I say it myself.  So light and fluffy, I couldn't believe it.  To look at, it was probably the worse cake I have ever done.  It was browner than I would of liked, my chocolate covered orange segment didn't look as pretty as they could have and the chocolate drizzling had a lot to be desired, but apart from all that, it was good.  It was orange and poppy seed.  It should have been vanilla but I had run out - hence the orange!! It was a combination of two recipes one from the net and the other from the flour bag lol

The birthday girl about to blow her candles out.


  1. I'm disappointed in granny!! Glad the cake was a success and you all had a good time.

  2. The cake looks yummy
    Julie xxxx

  3. Yummy cake and I also a little disappointed that granny was well behaved!!!!

  4. as long as its tastes good that's all that matters! and A looks happy with her cake x


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