Thursday, 2 January 2014


I am a big believer in breakfast every day, preferably a full english but I save that treat for when we go away. I am not a cereal fan and bore easily of toast, and I certainly do not like porridge, so my options are a little limited.  I have taught myself to eat bran flakes as they are good for you - or so the media tells us but to be honest I am fed up of them.  Whilst staying with Bernadette last November she got me into smoothies and up until the Christmas period I was having one each morning with whatever veg or fruit I had in the house.  Some tasted great other not to be attempted again!!!  Well this morning I have made myself a red smoothie and boy is it delicious.  It contains beetroot which I don't eat, never have, I remember my father eating it and thinking UGH big time so have never touched the stuff, but I appreciate the health benefits it has.  So having bought a bunch I cooked them yesterday ( had to read how to do that!!! so bad) and this morning I found a recipe on here and hey presto one amazing red smoothie and I cannot believe how tasty it is. I shall be having this one again and if the health claims are correct I such be bouncing by the time I finish the bunch of beetroot lol.

Linking with Lucky 7's  resolution and drink :)

Well this morning was spent going around Truro searching all the charity shops for clothing that could be classed as 'gothic'  we came back with absolutely nothing :( after that is was the Tesco run, which seemed to take longer than normal due to having to check everything for gluten!!
Sure it will become easier as we get into the swing of it all.


  1. I hated beetroot as a child, then about ten years ago I grew some in the garden because GM likes them, I cooked them (like you, had to look it up) then tried one straight from the pan, I was hooked, and now I love them - even the ones in vinegar - but without the vinegar they are just magic. Re breakfasts, poached eggs are nice and low sugar/salt baked beans on toast. Joy x x

  2. mmm.. Gothic? for fancy dress? New Look do some good jewelry I have bought before now.. and Top Shop do some black / grey / lacey stuff which when al worn together with the ubiquitous eye liner you may just fit right in! xxx Beetroot smoothie looks great.. it may still be evident when it works its way through I have heard...

  3. I was like Joy, but love it now BUT soaked in vinegar, must try it as a smoothie as I love them but hate the washing up of the liquidiser!I am a great poached egg or toms on toast person but often do a full breakfast SW on a red day :)

  4. I love beetroot, always have. What else did you add to the smoothie as a matter of interest? Just asking because there has been a lot published about how fattening smoothies can be, or is that just the fruit ones?

  5. Exotic drink! Congratulations Karen!
    /Beetroot - maybe I prefer it as a salad with brandy. Smile!/

  6. I love beetroot, but am not a fan of smoothies! Each to their own I guess. Great colour though.

  7. Interesting smoothie. I love pickled beets, but have never tried them in a smoothie. What else is in it? Please share the recipe.

  8. I love the color of the smoothie. I love pickled beets. Please share the recipe?


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