Monday, 9 December 2013


Day 9 - My Christmas music selection.

A sneak peek at my finished knitting project - it has only taken me 15 months to complete.  I will show the full article after Christmas but for obvious reasons I can't just yet. 

I am now cracking on with the next project, an aran cable scarf for me :) I am happy to say I have recovered from my short lived cold - thank goodness and now feeling more like a human being and ready to start this Christmas lark properly. I have taken a leaf out of someone's book (can't remember whose) and I am putting the decs up bit by bit.  The tree is up but is naked at the moment!!  A little more shopping done yesterday.  Cards (well most of them) in the post. Slowly but surely I will get there.  Hope everyone else is getting there as well. x
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  1. I see some of my favourite CDs there;)
    The knitted item is beautiful, you are so clever with needles and I'm intrigued to know what it is. Unfortunately I haven 't done my cards yet:(

    1. Thank you, the knitting is the biggest project I have done, did enjoy it but glad it is finished lol. xx

  2. So pleased you have finished your knitting, looking forward to seeing the whole thing. Enjoy your music,
    Joy x x

  3. I take about a week to put up the decorations.
    Love from Mum

  4. Well done with the knitting. I love Aran but these days I get lost with the pattern.

  5. Your finished knitting project looks great....15 months is nothing, I had a rug making kit that took me 30 (yes 30) years to complete!!! (much to the amusement of my kids!!) I still have cards to write, decorations to find....but I will get there....I hope!! Glad you're well on your way to being finished! :)

  6. it's all moving a little slow here. Still got quite a bit to do x your knitting looks gorgeous too x


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