Saturday, 14 December 2013

Advent Day 13

Yesterday I found myslef being a real grump and a bah humbug person, no Christmas cheer or interest in any of the festivities and worse still I had the camera club christmas meal to go to and the thought of being sociable just wasn't on the top of my list of activities for the day.  It was work in the morning - a team meeting full of moaning minnies full of doom and gloom and woe is me's!!!!!  So glad 95% of my job is lone working!!!  Then in the afternoon I had to take my car to Penryn near Falmouth for a recall on the central locking that was going to take an hour so I took myself off for a stroll around Penryn with my little camera,

And I found another telephone box

 ended up in a cafe having a cuppa, which was very pleasant

 then a nice brisk walk along the main road back to the garage.

Mick kicked me out in the evening to go to the meal, in fairness the company was good, the food was OK, nothing special as far as I was concerned and I arrived home just before the clock struck twelve.

Dave having another mince pie with his bowl of clotted cream, much to his wife's disgust lol

  Thankfully I have woken more cheerful this morning with a list of jobs that need sorting before work this afternoon and Amanda's homecoming tomorrow.

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  1. I like the look of Penryn. Pleased you are feeling more cheerful today, I was feeling a bit down this morning for no reason, but I put the tree up and decorated it this afternoon, feel a lot better now.

  2. Glad you have cheered up
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Glad your day wasn't too bad and that you are feeling chirpier x


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