Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent Calender 2013 - Day 1

First day of advent and I am feeling somewhat excited about it all, though sad to see no advent calenders in our house this year as they are with the girls in their respective rooms at uni. (I don't tend to have one myself). All my christmas cards are written and waiting to go in the post.  Presents are starting to be bought, and the decorations are due to come out for a viewing.

I am joining in with Julie at KC's Court and Josie at Josie-Mary her photo advent calendar, a Christmassy photo a day, it can be a new one, an old one, or a borrowed one off the internet. Just post one a day.

My first photo is an old one I am afraid, didn't have chance to take the one I wanted today, a candle.  I thought of an advent candle today but don't have one (you can tell I was not a girl guide - nor a brownie for that matter!!)  so I have decided to burn a plain one we have for five minutes each day in the evening. The one being burnt is like this but white, who knows I might even get around to marking the days on it before we get to the 25th lol.

Well if any of you read yesterday's post you will no doubt be keen to hear how the 'Hot Yoga' went!  Well ............... it was really good, I survived the hour and a half.  At the start the guy running the class said the aim for the first session is to just manage to actually stay in the room for the whole class!!!  Brownie points to me as I did and I managed to do ok attempt most of the exercises, I did start to flag in the last twenty minutes or so.  At the end he said I did well and looked like I was enjoying myself!!!  Hmm guess he was right as I have signed up to go again on Tues morning.
So the final thing I have learnt this week is when attending a hot yoga class take two towels with you, one for the actual class and one for the shower, as the towel you put on your mat throughout the session is so sodden with sweat by the end of the class it is not very pleasant to use to dry oneself on after a shower!!!! Plus I couldn't believe that out of approx 20 of us sweating buckets only two of us had a shower!!!!! eek!! Still each to their own I guess hmm!!
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  1. I love this photo! Please can you remember how you sorted the lighting? This is the sort of image I love but am never successful at capturing, so need some help! xx

  2. I've never heard of hot yoga, i will have to catch up on my blog reading to find out more, glad you enjoyed it. thanks for sharing your advent photo x

  3. I am aiming at a picture a day too ..trying to ..With not too many words xx

  4. Well done with your yoga and what you learnt re towels and.......eeek to no showers LOL!!

  5. I love this photo too. Last year I used purple candles for advent trying to be more Scandinavian. The family all insisted they had to be red this year as it just didn't seem right ;)

  6. so.....was he the "hot" in your hot yoga class....?!?! :) xx


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