Monday, 23 December 2013

Advent 22 + 23

Yesterday the day seemed to be spent in town doing last minute shopping with the girls - enjoyable I have to say,  as it wasn't that busy but exhausting, so an hour or two of knitting followed to recover lol.
Today it is absolutely horrid outside, wind rain and dark, have had lights on in the house most of the time which is not like me.  I am on call today til 8pm - rather glad to be honest - so long as I don't get called out - lol.
Finally, all the pressies are wrapped and ready for Santa to deliver tomorrow evening.
As you may know Amanda came home from uni on the 15th Dec and spent last week at the vet's where she will be doing her work experience after Christmas. 
Since November she has been trying to get herself a job for the weekends or/and evenings.  Both girls have always had a weekend job since they were 14yr and both admit they find it odd not to be working - let alone not having some of their own money to spend.  We are both very proud of them for their work ethics. Bernadette got herself a job two weeks into her first year at uni and still has it and thoroughly enjoys it. Well it wasn't looking hopeful for Amanda - wrong time of year in one respect, until Saturday morning she had phone call from a local country store M A Griggs asking her if she was still looking for a job, so off she goes for an interview at 1pm and started 8am this morning!!!  So she is back to working seven days a week!!!  Mon - Fri at the vets (unpaid) and Sat and Sun paid :)  - as you can imagine she is one very happy teddy.
8.30am Sat morning found Mick and I in Asda!!! as I felt the need to get this food shop out of the way and I did not want to be near any shops later on!!  Mick doesn't normally come with me but offered on this occasion and I actually accepted his offer - not like me at all lol.  Whilst dashing around the store like a lunatic trying to get out as quick as possible, I suddenly found myself actually looking around at the goods for sale the toys, the food, the drink etc etc and then looking at peoples trolleys and what they were buying - hands up we were not much different with the extra things in there, but I suddenly felt the whole thing to be rather grotesque, the amount of money that was being spent and all for one day!!!!!  Has Christmas really become all about how much we can spend on gifts, food and drink???  Over the last few years, I have cut down on the food we consume over Christmas purely because we don't need it, we don't need to graze on food all day long, especially when there are so many who won't be having much if anything at all. Do children really need all the gifts they have these days, do parents buy so much for their children because they didn't have much as children and want theirs to have everything,  or is it because they don't want their child to be the one without a certain item, or because they want their child to be the one who has that certain item!!!!  Has the world really gone crazy???  I am trying to decide if it is because I am getting older or is the world becoming a consumer orientated world, or has it always been and I am now only realising it??  Life seemed so much easier and happier when we had less.  What would today's children think if they only received a couple of presents - homemade ones at that??  I admit I am bad at Christmas as I love giving presents to people and especially at Christmas time so I am guilty of the thing I am moaning about, I totally over indulge Mick and the girls - but only if the money is there, I wouldn't dream of going into debt for it.
Advent - Day 22
Advent - Day 23


  1. I think you are right Karen, Jordan has been doing markets and often people swap their wares at the end of the session and buy from each other, it just seems a nicer real way of shopping and supporting each other.. also we don't get to find that gift reduced to a ridiculously low price at 12 noon on Christmas Eve before we have even given it! said the West Cornwall grinch.. x

  2. We copped out of the rat race of Christmas a long time ago, in our family we have for many years only bought presents for the children, but we've even cut right back on that now, too, they get so many toys and stuff that now I just put money in their savings account instead, so when they are 18 I can surprise them, even though until then they might think I'm a bit of a meanie (I've told the parents thats what I'm doing). We always enjoy a special meal, and our indulgence is extra alcohol, but we dont actually eat any more than usual. Our christmases are always relaxed affairs and enjoyable for all concerned. Hope you enjoy yours with your family, xxxxx

  3. I'm with you on this one. I looked at all the full trolleys in Tesco this morning and was actually disgusted at the sheer volume of food and alcohol everyone was buying.

    I'm planning a quiet time, a few extra foodie treats (I will definitely put
    Weight back on !!!!) and time spent enjoying the company of family and friends.

  4. It's going to be a quiet Christmas here, too.
    Love from Mum

  5. It's been horrible here today too. I hear what you are saying about Christmas.....yet I love the madness of it all!! I enjoy the extra Christmas treats and spoiling the boys with lots of presents (within our means!)

    Maybe in a few more years I'll feel differently...for now i'll enjoy it all. Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and good luck to Amanda with her jobs xxx

  6. I've also been noticing with a certain amount of distaste the large overflowing trolleys at the supermarket. Christmas is a simple and joyous time for my family. Hope it is for you too. Loved the two quotes by the way ;)

  7. Karen I agree with ALL your sentiments, we spend far too much on food and drink and seem to over indulge our children with presents and gifts. Like you I am as guilty though this year has been a little different!!
    Maybe as well it is as we get older we are more aware and remember Christmas pasts!

    Happy Christmas to you, Mick and the girls xx (so pleased they have got holiday jobs too xx)


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