Saturday, 2 November 2013


As a child I use to love it when the teacher said we were going to be doing a 'project' on whatever subject it happened to be.  To me I could immerse myself into the subject, research it, draw pictures for it, collect things for it and then create the finished project and present it to the teacher really pleased with myself and the teacher never minded how big it was.  When my girls were at school and were given their first 'project' to do I was really excited about helping them, just to be disappointed to discover that they were only required to do a few pages of A4 paper with limited number of words and no real research needed :(  what was being asked of them was more like an essay in my books!!!  How times have changed.
I still love the idea of projects and now I am transferring this to my photography.  I look at and read about all the different photography projects that people do and would really like to settle to one myself that I can become totally hooked on and work on over a period of time, one that I can fit into my life and will keep me inspired.  I have started several - POTD, playgrounds, monthly views.  I have completed two monthly views, tried the photo a day twice an failed twice, the playground project is still running but I haven't done much to that this year due to the good weather (I need dull overcast weather for the shots!!) For college I am doing the car show rooms, which I am enjoying but not in love with though falling in love with some rather nice cars - Mick isn't too keen on this project lol
I keep looking at different photo meme's online but then forget about them or maybe they just aren't inspiring me enough. 
At camera club on Thurs a lady came along to show us some of her projects that she is doing/has done. One of them was on fences, she kept to the same format using her compact camera and took photos of all the different fences she came across whilst out and about. Fences does seem to be a popular subject matter as a lady at college is doing that as well.  Not only was I amazed at the amount of fences around but all the different types.  As a society we do seem to like to enclose ourselves into confined spaces and shut others out.
So what photo projects do you do if any or what meme's do you take part in?  Please show me or tell me about your projects or share a link or two to different photo meme's as I would like to plan a new project for the winter months or start to take part in a meme or two. 

Fianlly one last link with Lucky Snapping for this week, my short term plans for the weekend, clean my FILTHY car, dig up my baby sweetcorn that never became baby just grew into huge maize, go for a walk, drop competition entries off to judge in Liskeard and go and see sister in law in Looe. 



  1. I am currently enjoying taking part in some of the many memes there seem to be, but like you I need to find a really inspiring one. :)

  2. I take photos of post boxes, the older the better. I take them both when we are away and when one catches my eye near home.

  3. I'm still managing to keep up my 365, which I post weekly, every photo has a knitted white horse called Wanda. I'm finding it a bit limiting though as in order to get Wanda in the picture they all have to be done with a macro setting. However as we are now into November I'll keep going until the end of the year, and in January I'll start a new 365 on the subject of gratitude, I think. I also do a "5 on 5" and a "10 on 10" each month, and monthly views from various windows in my house. I'm not sure that I would stick to a long term project on one subject, but hope you manage to find one you like. Joy xx

  4. What a busy day you have Karen. I'm just a happy snapper, but while travelling I seem to have days where I photograph things like wooden walkways, clouds, wildflowers or animals. I also would love to see others meme's even though I have to go and look that word up!!!

  5. i like Viv's post boxes! i've not got any memes going at the mo. I started using instagram and love posting photos on there x


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