Monday, 7 October 2013


Anne has asked to blog about what we regard as  irresistible and possible add a photo of food and a recipe.  Well anyone who knows me knows I love food but don't do recipes as that involves cooking and I really am NOT a good cook.  Though I do owe a very good collection of cookery books!!! 
"This is such a positive word as it only has to do with the nicest things.

You don't say bad weather is irresistible or catching the flu is irresistible, but a beautiful smile can be irresistible, a cake can be irresistible ( tell me about it ), that little dress or top in your corner shop is definitely irresistible.

So this month, we celebrate the arrival of Autumn and if you don't like it too much like me, we just think about the nicest things so we can go through.

So, what is irresistible for you ?
As of our photo challenge, let it be a bit more " challenging " this week : Let's take a photo of things we can eat, starting with any of the letters of the week days : M, T, W, F, S and if you want to (no pressure), you even can upload the recipe."
The first thing that springs to mind for me is 'tomatoes'  there is a permanent bowl sat on the worktop which always has tomatoes in it and as I walk by one always jumps out of the bowl and into my mouth!!  I just can't stop them, they do the same whilst I prepare a meal (I do do that every day because that is what you do - not because I enjoy it!)
Some home grown tomatoes from awhile back, I didn't do very well with them this year :(.
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  1. Good one Karen, I absolutely love tomatoes too. When I was a child, during the week-end we used to go to a farm to pick them ourselves, and I was probably eating twice as much as I was picking. As of cooking, I am not the official cook and I am not a fabulous cook either. If there is something you prepare sometimes and really enjoy, just let us know. xxx

  2. It's been a bad year for tomatoes the cold spring started them off late.

  3. You surprise me ... for some reason I thought you would be a very good cook. I don't know why, you just have that air about you!

  4. I too absolutely love toms and couldn't live without them often have toms on toast for breakfast and tom salad for lunch. WE have had a glut in our garden but the last few all caught a 'blight'

  5. You can make some good chutney with green tomatoes

  6. Love tomatoes as well. Fried green tomatoes are a southern favorite as are tomato sandwiches. Unfortunately we have never had any luck growing them.

  7. I came lately to tomatoes, I loved the smell of them when I was younger and enjoyed picking them in my mum's greenhouse but didn't like them, now I love them to snack as a salad and especially roasted :)

  8. We go through tons of toms. the boys always always have cherry toms in their packed lunch for school. When they were toddlers they would eat them like apples x


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