Sunday, 27 October 2013

BlogtoberFest 26

Well Cornwall is preparing itself for a storm that is due to arrive at 8pm tonight!!  Have to smile that they know exactly what time it is due to start especially as the clocks changed last night (hope no one forgot!!)  I can't help but feel (hope) that they are blowing this all out of proportion mainly because I was due to go to the Photography show in Exeter tomorrow and it now looks like we may not - a bit annoying as I have taken a day off work for it. Still it will mean I could get out and take some stormy weather photos!!! 
Who remembers the storms of 1987?  I was working in London at the time and we had just completed a very busy night duty with alarms going off all over the place.  I remember getting in my car with my friend to drive back to the section house, as we closed the doors of the car a gust of wind moved the car forward approximately two foot into the wire fence that was in front of me!!!  My friend and I just sat and looked at each other in shock and then burst out laughing!!  We had a slowish drive home and slept through the day :) just like I am hoping we will sleep through this storm as it is due to arrive at 2am now!
Re tomorrow we have decided to go ahead with the trip and if we have to turn back we turn back - fingers crossed we don't :)

A couple of photos I took earlier this month.  This is the Cornish countryside the tourists don't get to see!!!

Some regard these are beautiful, personally I don't, they are a blot on the landscape and what is even worse is the big companies who are creating them initially agree to make them good again before they walk away from them, but they don't - they stop working them and leave them and our council is so spineless they let them get away with it.  Hence all across the
Cornish county are hidden quarries left like this.  Admittedly this one is still working and is actually one of the better one's very tidy and controlled, but most are not. It is still ugly in my eyes.


  1. i'm hoping this storm passes us by. Yep i remember the storm of 87, a very old and huge tree in front of our house blew over and pulled up half the pavement x

  2. It's very sad when industrial sites are just left. I always think that the area around Redruth is pretty ugly, I think that's the china clay mines, isn't it? Nature will take over eventually, but it will take decades.
    Hope you manage to get out to your exhibition, the storm has passed us now and things are calming down.
    Joy xx

  3. Agree re the clay Pitts they should make them good x great pictures x


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