Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Lucky Snapping - May quote

Over on Lucky Snapping this week Lynne has challenged us to think and write about this quote

“ The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”
This month my quote comes from a very famous man that we have all heard of......Mahatma Gandi 1869 – 1948   
Please try and watch the videos as they are historically interesting. Well I found them informative and interesting!
My first thoughts on reading this quote drew a complete blank as to what I could write. So this morning I have watched some of the videos and learnt a lot, thank you Lynne.
Now having re-read the quote and read it properly this time (I am a devil for scan reading and misreading!!) I think the work I have done over the years with children and now back with Adult Social Care (mainly the elderly) has taught me a lot about myself that I didn't realise was inside me.  Especially with children, I would find myself doing things that I would never normally do - ie singing in front of a hall full of parents (I am tone deaf, no joking and can't hit or hold a note to save my life!!!) but I did it.   Working with ACS has helped me to find a strength to keep a smile on my face when you see what nature and society throws at us as individuals, I will be honest and say it scares me at times, wondering what my future holds for me! 
What I find heart warming is when someone says 'thank you to me' and as far as I am aware I haven't done anything to be thanked for, but then realise they are thanking me for my time, as they know as well as I do that once again I have run over my allotted time allowance, either due to allowing them to do things for themselves at their pace or because we have been chatting. Maybe that is why I love my job and I am happy to toddle off to work. I am also very lucky that my team leaders and work colleagues are all the same and we all admit that if we didn't do it for a job we would do it voluntarily!!  My job has taught me that I can be a very patient person when I would regard myself as very impatient and very impulsive.  As you all know I do fundraising for various charities and from that I have discovered another strong determination to achieve things I thought were beyond me and I shall continue to challenge myself in this way.
and to end on some flowers from Hyde Park, London to hopefully brighten your day :)


  1. I also have your singing talent and while I've not sung to parents I do find myself

    singing to my children.

    1. My singing is now confined to me and my car!!

  2. Karen I knew this week we would find out others unknown facts about each other!

    I immediately thought of you as I did this quote and so pleased to see you blog so quickly too. Thank you xxx

    Beautiful photo of spring flowers :)

  3. What a beautiful story Karen and so nice you enjoy doing what you do. It's so fascinating to learn from each other that way. xxx

  4. That is a rewarding job but also I imagine it can be quite difficult and emotional so I salute you. x

    1. Thank you Jennie, there are times it is hard to keep the tears of emotion back I have to admit. x

  5. lovely flowers and a very worthwhile job you do...oh should I say vocation! It really does make a difference to the individual and their family around them :) be proud

  6. it takes a special person to work with the young and the old! Good to hear that you enjoy it too x


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