Saturday, 20 April 2013

Musical Memories Day 6

I have umm and arrr about posting this one or not but have decided to go with it although it isn't the best memory, but it is a great song with very meaningful lyrics (well I think so anyway).  Some of you already know that I am pretty sad and just happen to be a Backstreet Boys fan!!  Yeah a real boy band saddo - hey but I don't care.  So back in 2005/2006 I spend a lot of time between Cornwall and Market Deeping (just north of Peterborough) visiting my mum as she fought her battle with cancer.  Eventually she had to go into a nursing home and I use to play this album all the time as I drove back and forth.  This particular song and the words 'Never Gone' fitted in so well to the situation I was in and it always makes me think of mum, (she died in Aug 2006) so although a sad memory a good one.

I can fully understand if you don't like them but it really is worth a listen :) if you have lost someone dear.  It's not too long.
Oh and yes I have seen them twice in concert :)


  1. What a really beautiful song, Karen, and very appropriate.
    Joy xx

  2. As you know I cannot play this as our connection is so slow. I do though have some songs that are strong reminders of my Mum. I always try to think happy things when I think of her, and I have so many of her things about the house that I so often feel she is still around. Have a good day Diane

  3. I also have music which is kind of the soundtrack album for a period in my life.. Bowie's Changes, Dark Side of the Moon (late nights in dark teenage bedrooms!!) and more recently I have adele's 21 on a loop in my car collecting teens from work! Thanks for all your offerings this week Karen, you have definitely been the queen this week.. xxxx


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