Monday, 8 April 2013

Last Week

Sorry I have not been around much these last couple of weeks, life has been pretty hectic to say the least. Struggling to even remember what happened last week and why I didn't get on here!! How sad is that!!  I do know that I finally gave in a invested in a new computer which has taken awhile to set up and I am still finding my way around this windows 8 programme, sure I will take to it eventually!!
So here is my monthly view (March's view)

I haven't taken the view from my window yet, that is the next job on my list of things to do today.
So over on Lucky Snapping this week we have been challenge to talk about what we do when we feel vulnerable!!!  Hmm this is going to take some thinking as I can't immediately think of the answer to that one, not sure if that is because I don't feel vulnerable often or I am just not aware of it, if that makes sense.
I can't show you the POTD's that I have missed out for the week before last as they are on the old computer at the moment and I haven't transferred them over yet - oops.  I am hoping someone will tell me a quick and easy way to do this as appose to bit by bit which is sooooo time consuming but so far no one has :(


  1. Hi Karen, I'm not sure if its possible, but maybe you could transfer everything on your old PC onto a DVD and then transfer from that to your new one?
    Hope you manage to get to grips with windows 8.
    Joy xx

    1. Thanks Joy, that is possible, I was just looking for a quick way - the lazy pup in me I guess. lol x

  2. It is difficult keeping up with blogging when you have 'real life' things keeping you busy.
    Have a good week Diane

    1. Yes it is Diane, I know we al find that at times, just frustrating at the same time, lol. x

  3. What a beautiful sky, I am jealous ! x


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