Monday, 21 January 2013

Training update

Thought it was time I updated everyone on my trianing for the London Moonwalk the furthest I have managed to walk in one go is 14 miles and that was last Friday 11th, it was a very wet and cold walk which  I completed in 4hrs which isn't great, 3.5 would have been perfect but I did it.  Have to confess I had lots of thoughts during that walk about having bitten off more than I can chew on this challenge!!! but there is no going back so those thoughts have to vanish asap. I think Friday was a bad day, I was teasy anyway so not in the best frame of mind to set out on, I couldn't do the route I had planned due to flooding, I went through one flood, then came across another one which I started through just to find it was too deep and my feet were now swimming in freezing water - not a good feeling.  I ended up lost (fairly normal!) but eventually worked out where I was and sorted out another route home.  That had to be my worst walk this year.  Other than that I am really enjoying it, feeling so much more energetic, full of beans and happy in myself.  So to date this year I have walked a total of 62 miles, lost 4lb in weight (while eating up the christmas chocs and numerous bags of crisps that keep appearing in the house!!) and not touched a drop of alcohol.
Fifteen weeks today it will all be over and done with and not only shall I have completed my marathon but I shall also have turned 50!!!  I have nearly come to terms with it - hopefully by then I will welcoming it with open arms - NOT!!.

for those on facebook you can follow my training on!/Karens2013Challenge


  1. you are doing so well Karen. You'll be able to do that walk twice over by the time you finish your training....super quote x

  2. Having seen how teasy you were I think you did the right thing and walked your way out of it x x to do 14 miles in 4 hours is fab so not run yourself down. This challenge is to the best you can and is not a race. However the sooner you finish the sooner you can soak your feet and have a hearty breakfast as I can testify lol
    You will be fine with the walk and turning 50 and will be good to know your age starts with the same number as mine for a little while at least :-)

    1. lol hmm I was rather wasn't I ;) the sound of the breakfast sounds worth doing the walk for :) thanks. x

  3. Wow that is some walking and well done on the training and no alchohol since Christmas too xxx I admire you!


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