Friday, 18 January 2013

more 365

13.1 Tregony Clock Tower, this is in the middle of our village.
14.1 A quick dash into Sainsbury's this evening to get something for my tea whilst at work.  Didn't get around to doing sandwiches as I usually do.
15.1 Truro viaduct, another car park.
16.1 This old wreck of a tractor is in the garden of one of the houses I go to, not a great shot as I didn't get the headlights in the right place, will try it again next time I am there at night.
17.1  A drive with a view is all I can say, that is Restronguet Creek that can been seen from the road.
18.1 Sat in Probus waiting for that bus to bring Amanda home from college and just for a change it was raining!!


  1. At least you have no snow! Yet! Drive safely, Diane

    1. As much as I would like the snow I don't want to have to drive in it, so maybe best that we don't have any!! xx

  2. This little snippets of your day are great. Better rain than snow...roughly six inches here at the mo..yuk!! x

    1. I know you are right but can't help but wish we had some. xx


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