Monday, 31 December 2012


Well here we are the last day of 2012, it seems to have come round so quick!!  Hopefully everyone had a lovely Christmas and Santa was kind to you all.  Mind was good, even though I have been at work each day, roll on Wednesday - two days off.  Tomorrow after work we shall be heading over to my brother and sister in laws for a family get together, which will be lovely.  I am not going to do a recap of 2012 though each time I read someone else's it does tempt me, but I am being firm and saying no.  All I will say is that it has been a good year for us all here.  Everyone has been well and come to no harm, I can't ask for anything more, and that is all I really wish for for the next 12 months, is that everyone continues to be fit and healthy.  Admittedly my fitness levels have to increase somewhat otherwise I shall be in be trouble come May!!  As expected I have set myself a few challenges for 2013 but not too many - I am slowly learning a lesson here!!  Naturally the main one is to get training for my marathon walk in May and I am going to attempt the photo a day again, this time though it will be titled 'Through my Car window', I came up with the idea whilst out in the car with a friend and I was explaining (well giving her excuses) why I had failed at this last year.  I felt I needed a theme to guide me, so as I spend a lot of time in the car I decided that would be ideal, so hopefully it will show the daily view I have through my car windscreen. Not original I know as a taxi driver in Mexico did it to show his daughter what he sees/experiences whilst at work.  I am also carrying on with my monthly photo as well, but that is where I am stopping for now. 
So on that note I would just like to wish you all a Very Healthy and Happy New Year and keep safe.


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours Karen, looking forward to seeing your views through the car window. I couldn't do that as I only use my car about once a month! Just hope you are able to show us more than flooded roads!

  2. Happy New Year Karen. Enjoy your days off!
    I'm not committing to anything in writing as each time I do I fail miserably so will do privately and see how I go :0) xx

  3. Happy new to my dear friend so glad I have you in my life x we are gonna have a hell of a year x

  4. Happy New Year Karen.. and all your brood. Hope the training goes well and you achieve your big walk goal this year.. catch you soon.. try our challenge, after all you do the view anyways! Kathi xx

  5. Happy New Year to you my blogging friend, I look forward to visiting your blog often in 2013.

  6. Happy New Year to you all Karen. I like your first contributions to "through the car window".

    Good luck with the training x


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