Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Late as usual 26 wk challenge.

The last challenge was to 'shoot from the hip' in other words take a photo without looking through the view finder or lcd screen.  Sounds easy enough - but it isn't. These were taken in the garden just holding the camera and shooting.  As you can see focusing is not so easy, or getting what you want in the picture!!

The next is my favourite I think
 but I do like this one as well very much, even though the branch of the flower cuts the photo in half, I just really like the colours and the blurred background.
There were plenty of other shots that were all over the place. :)
Eileen did a much better job of the challenge than I did, thank you for taking part. 
The next fortnight's challenge is 'light trails', you will need a tripod for this, a long shutter speed, preferable a shutter release cable (but not essential),  oh and some moving lights ( traffic!!) but most importantly pick somewhere safe to do it.  Look forward to seeing what you come up with.  Any queries shout. x


  1. They are great photos. Love the colours and also the focus in the hydranga

  2. i think you did well too - I know mine would never have turned out this good x


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