Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Garden visitors

Last week we had a new visitor to the garden and he/she has become a regular along with some long standing ones, I managed to get some photos of them - I can see I shall be taking a lot of photos of these over the next few weeks/months if I am lucky. These have all been taken through the window on a rainy day, hence abit grainy.

The newest visitor to the garden,

 The first baby of the year.

A regular visitor who wasn't going to be left out of the extra attention the others have been getting lately. He even brought his umbrella with him!  The last two are also POTD from last week.


  1. What lovely close ups of the little visitors you've had. I don't think I've ever seen those birds with the blue before!

  2. Thank you, the bird is called a Jay, beautiful but a bit of a bully in the bird world. x

  3. First we thought your new visitor was a blue jay....seems it is an eurasian Jay!! He is lovely.

  4. Just seen your comment when i refreshed the page Karen xxx

  5. Thank you Louise, I only know him as a common Jay!! xx

  6. Brill pics Karen, we have had jays for many years and still not managed to get a photo. see you later xx


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