Sunday, 29 April 2012

26wk photo challenge

The latest challenge was to walk/travel half a mile from your home and take just five photos and post them.  The idea being to make you look around you and think about what you are photograhing.
Take a look at  Yvonne's, Louise's and Eileen's photos to see what they came up with.  Here are mine.  I headed out of the village on the way to St Austell and stopped in a layby then went in a  field on the other side of the road.

New shoot - not sure what of, initially I thought brambles, but really not sure.  Loved the colours on the leaves.
 AV mode, ss 1/100, f5.6, ISO 200, fl 140mm, ex com +1/3

View towards the clay destrict - as it is known. The track was meant to lead the eye in but don't think it really worked.
 AV mode,ss 1/60, f9, ISO 200, fl 60mm, ex comp +1/3

Entrance to the field and the farm shop sign where Amanda works and where my cards are sold :)
 AV mode, ss 1/50, fl 60mm, f9, ISO 200, ex comp +1/3,

Wandered further into the field and found this rubbish, no doubt left by the farmer, I know it is his field but it wouldn't hurt just to pick it up and dispose of it would it?? Goodness knows what is in the bottle.
 AV mode, ss 1/100, f9, fl 35mm, ISO 200, ex comp +1/3

A very common weed, I remember as a child someone told me this was called mother die and if you smelt this you would wet the bed and your mother would die!!  You won't believe how long I beieved that for and held my breath everytime I went passed it to avoid smelling it!!!  How sad eh? lol.  Don't like this image as it is out of focus.
AV mode, ss 1/250, f5.6, fl 100mm, ISO 200, ex comp +1/3

I think the third is my favourite as I feeel it tells a story more than the others.  Thanks for looking and feel free to pass comments for improvement. :)

The next challenge is to take photos of familar objects/views from an 'unseen' perspective. So look for a different angle, a different level, get low, get high, if it is a popular scene you are photographing try and take a different photo of it. Upload by the 13th May.  Most of all have fun and use the camera and whilst taking the photos think about using a deep depth of field, ie a high f stop number (maybe f9 upwards) to get as much as possible in focus in the image.


  1. I laughed out loud at the story with the last one. As a scrapbooker, I would totally make a page about it! I also like the one of the countryside because it is very different from what we have here. I played again but I broke the rules on two levels: I took more than 5 and their goal was more to play with the camera rather than observing! :D

  2. Karen, I am coming back after checking out the next challenge because I need some clarification: what do you mean by Unseen perspective?

  3. great photo Karen - I like the colour in the first one. The second one is my favourite, the track worked for me.

    i like the focus of the farm board in the next one and again the track leads your eye to it. Nice to see a little colour too in your flowers, i like the dof.

    Thank you for your comments on mine too - hope the weather improves for the next challenge!

  4. This is a great set of photos, Karen.

    My favourite is the second one - I just love everything about it and I think the track does lead your eye in to the view.

    The first one is lovely too, good composition, focus and exposure and, as you say, the colours are great.

    The third one is actually my least favourite of the set - the telegraph pole (or whatever it is!) spoils it for me as it keeps grabbing my attention althouhg I can see that there is probably very little you could do about it!

    The fourth one is interesting and is not something I would have thought of photographing. a good shot.

    I love the colours in your final one. As you say, the focus is a bit off, but I love the composition and the exposure is good.

    Thank you for your comments on mine - I really enjoyed this particular challenge and it is definitely something I will do again.

  5. You have such a good eye you see things that would not register in my brain. I love the first one. Diane

  6. Nice photos Karen! I actually like the last one, even though you say it is out of focus, for me it draws my eye up to the top of the plant for a good look!! I haven't managed to join in to the challenge yet, but will try for the next one......:)

  7. Love the photos. Also love the story and I remember this from when I was a child but without the mother bit LOL

    I think that the first one is my favorite, I just love the dfferent textures of the leaves.

    Love and Hugs


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