Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Especially for Janice

As flattered I am by Janice's comment last week on my Heligan post I had to laugh,  so I thought I would post some just for you Janice - some rubbish photos that you won't be able to say "lovely" at lol :) all sooc.

This is what I get when I use a slowish shutter speed, hold the camera in an awkward position and don't use a tripod!!

 The next two taken in the evening last night with compact, didn't check white balance or hold the camera steady - again!!

So there you go Janice - enjoy :D


  1. Whoa - feel a bit sick now - good to see you have bad shots like the rest of us :0)

  2. This is more like it Karen!!! lol!!! or should i say this is more like my photo collection.

    Good to see you do take terrible photos too lol!! xxx

  3. You could say they were were for artistic purposes Karen.


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