Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A new month

Well I'm not the only one thinking 'where did January go', not long til Christmas now I guess lol (who's groaning and cursing me now eh?)  So what happened in January, ..... our Amanda turned 17, had knee surgery, got her driving licence and wait for it had her first lesson with Mick Monday evening, she really loved it and did well apparently.  Bernadette has gone back and been home for a weekend and will be home again on the 15th for a few days.  It is during half term, so Mick and I have taken a couple of days off work as well, so we will get a couple of family days out :).  Mick finally shaved his beard off ....whippee.... and once again resembles my husband, which makes me a very happy teddy.  As for me - I have kept up with my 366 project, some days better than others, still enjoying it though. I haven't really been managing my time very well, still spend too much time on here and thinking about things.  Though I did start sorting out my craft room and have decided to sell a lot of my bits as I never use them, so someone else may as well have them and put them to good use.   I haven't done much blogging this month which is not so good, so I need to improve on that as well.
Here are some photos from January, these have been part of my 366 project.

Sat in the car whilst in between calls at work, it was raining for a change so I decided to play with shutter speeds and passing traffic!

Here we ago again with numerous sets of L plates that DO NOT stay attached to the car when moving.  Bring back the old tie on ones.

A trip to the Eden Project with Yvonne last Friday, can't wait to see these bulbs in flower.

Struggled this day, but Lord of the Rings came to my rescue.


  1. lovely round up of January Karen. Loving the first photo with the lights and signs...very creative xx

  2. I know what you mean where did January go? It is snowing here so I am enjoying staying warm and catching up with all my blogging friends.


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