Monday, 20 February 2012

26wk Photo Challenge - Water Droplets.

Oops I'm running behind on this - my excuse is having enjoyed having some time out with the family :)  and working in between.
Here are  Yvonne's, and Louise,'s water droplets.
So here are my three offering for water droplets,
First one taken at Heligan, not as sharp as I would really like it. :(
 AV mode, ss1/50, f8, ISO 200, 55mm

The next two are playing with a dripping tap in the bathroom sink (too much time on my hands obviously!!)  once again they are not as sharp as I would like them but I am struggling to understand where to actually focus but shall keep playing and see if I can improve.  Looking at the settings I think I should have used a smaller aperture.
 Manual, ss 1/200, f2.8, ISO 200, 90mm
This one is cropped in on just the drop then auto levels applied to it - just liked the effect. I think this one is my favourite.
Manual, ss 1.200, f2.8, ISO200, 90mm

For some amazing droplets images take a look here  he also shows you photos of the kit he uses to take these images - don't think I shall be going to that extent - not just yet anyway!!
Right for the next fortnight the theme is random things - so anything around the house, work whatever you fancy but something you would not normally think of photographing, ie books, ornaments, clothes anything that catches your eye.  Whilst taking these try and think about composition and the rule of thirds, try and make the ordinary look extra ordinary!!  There's a challenge now!  Most of all have fun and use the camera, and upload by the 5th March. :)


  1. I love these they are all great. I think my favorite is the 1st one, but the clever one is the last one as I tried to do this but never quite managed it.

  2. These are brilliant, I wish I had more time to experiment.

  3. I love the middle picture! I did say that I would join in with this, but I only have a normal camera (not SLR),but I do have a film SLR that I play with. Trouble is, by the time the film is developed, you'd have moved onto the next project!!! Hee Hee :) I do enjoy looking at the photos of everyone who has joined, though!!

  4. Thank you.

    Busy little Chicken - you don't need a dslr to join in with the challenge. Some of the ladies taking part use a compact and some of my images are taken with a compact as well. It is all for fun. xx

  5. Thanks Karen!! I'll try and join it for next month..Where do I post the pictures?

  6. Just take the photos then post them on your blog and put a link to this one. The theme for the next two weeks is random items. Look forward to seeing yours. x

  7. Fantastic photos Karen - I really like the last two. the middle on is my favourite, although i have to admire the last one. A difficult picture to capture

    I'm glad to read that you had trouble with sharpness - I found this too!


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