Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...JYC 11

....don't know any more words!!

I had to smile to myself this morning driving back from Asda, the car in front had a christmas tree in the back with it's branches boucning around as it went over the speed humps in the road.  All we needed was some snow falling and it would have been magical!!  It made me think about when I was a child and we always had a real one.  Off we would go to where ever we got them from then and choose the one we liked best whilst dad grumbled about getting it on the roof rack and having to put it in a bucket once home so we could decorate it.  I didn't realise then that there was any other kind!! 

For years we have had an artificial tree, purely for ease, as everytime Sammy went near it he would be showered in pine needles!!!  I shall be fishing the tree and it's decorations out later for the girls to put up tomorrow when Bernadette gets home :). I love to see the colour co-ordinated trees with just the right amount of decs on but surprise surprise that is not our tree at all. The decorations consist of one's that my gran had, my mum had, one's I bought when first married and the ones we have bought for the girls each year. This year I have made them one :). There is no colour scheme it is covered in well loved decorations ranging from a blown egg shell my granny did (and she died in 1968!!) to modern day plastic snowflakes, paper one's the girls made at school, glass baubles, you name it it is there!! Then right on the top sits the fairy who I grew up with, she use to have a lovely white net dress but something happened to it so I remember mum and I making her a new one out of crape paper and she still wears it. Here she is from last year.

She does have a habit of slipping off her perch at the top and landing half way down.

Here it is looking good naked!!

Fully dressed and in it's place for the next two weeks.



  1. That's a lovely fairy Karen - it's nice to have a family heirloom to use year after year xx

  2. I like it when the Christmas decorations all tell a story, but I do like the tree to be real.

  3. We go for a real tree too - and i'm one for co-ordination...no sentimental tree decs here!!lol! look forward to seeing your photos!!

  4. Thank you ladies. The tree is looking good now - actually I'm surprised it is still standing. LOL. xx


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