Sunday, 18 December 2011

The giving of presents -JYC 14

The tree is up and dressed (apart from some twinkling due to lights failing!!)  and presents are starting to appear under the tree as if by magic.  These presents are the girls gifts to each other and to us, then family presents.  Come the day, the girls tend to take it in turns to hand out the pressie from under the tree as they usually know by then whose is whose without even looking at the label.  The girls spend a lot of time discussing what they are going to buy each of us and planning everything for the day, they still get excited over the whole day, which is lovely.  What is really nice is the amount of thought that goes into what they buy each other and Mick and I and how excited they get waiting to see our faces when we open our presents from them.  They always reduce me to tears with their generousity and thoughtfulness - I'm just a big softee really.


  1. No you are not a softee, this post brings back many memories of similar Christmases with our girls. Have a lovely time.

  2. That's not being a softee, that's love ...

    enjoy your Christmas, Karen and treasure the memories you make.

  3. Thank you ladies, now you've all made me fill up!!! xx


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