Wednesday, 28 December 2011

26wk Photo Challenge - Christmas

For the last two weeks the theme for the challenge has been Christmas - here are my three. 

 Table part laid Christmas Eve for Christmas Day.
A-DEP mode, ss 2", f11, ex comp -1 1/3, ISO 400, focal length 28mm

 Lights at Mousehole,
ss 1/25, f4.7, ISO 800 (taken with a compact)

Zoom burst of our christmas tree,
AV mode, ss 5", f22, ISO 160, lens 10mm-20mm.

Yvonne's are here and Louise's are here (see we have had the same ideas!)

The theme for the next two weeks is to choose one lens and only use that for the whole two weeks.  Ideally pick one you don't normally use.  If you don't have different lens then choose a setting on your camera that you don't normally use and stick with that for the two weeks.  I am going to use my 10-20mm lens.  Bought it last year but it has spent most of the 12 months back with the shop and the manufacturer, so I haven't really had the chance to find out what it is like.  Upload three images by the 10th Jan for feedback, but most of all have fun.


  1. great photos Karen - like the mood of the first one and i like the burst of colour in the last one. great minds think alike eh - yours turned out much better than mine though :) xx

  2. I have failed miserably on the last couple of challenges but I hope to get back on track in January! I enjoyed looking at your Christmas photos and the first one is probably my favorite. It has an intimacy that is very appealing to me.

  3. like the table pic - tres grown up and sophisticated!

  4. and I am reminded that I need to photograph the RT cover myself.....thank you!

  5. Love all three, but my favorite is the last one it is fab
    Love and Hugs

  6. Hello Karen, sorry I just didn't have time to enter this one, but I've looked at everyone else's. Your pics are lovely. I dont have any "different" lens, so I'm going to try for a fixed aperture instead, any suggestions?
    Happy New Year to you.

  7. Thank you :)

    Joy No problems - it is just for fun and not complusory :)

    Re the fixed aperture, all depends what you are likely to be photographing, as a low number will blur your background and a higher number will have more in focus, so it all depends on the effect you are looking for or prefer. Personally I would probably go with a lower number to give a blurry background photograph different things from close up to landscapes and see the effects you get, maybe changing your point of focus to something in the background so the foreground is blurred instead of foreground in focus and background blurred. Or have your point of focus off centre, more to the left or right. Or you could choose a higher number and keep much more of your image in focus, as for landscapes.

    Happy New Year everyone. x

  8. Well done Karen. Three lovely photos which really capture 'Christmas'. I can't decide between no.1 and no.3; if pushed I'd settle for no.1 as my favourite - you've captured a moment in time and I can image the people waiting 'off camera' to start the party. I love it.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.


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