Friday, 25 November 2011

A week to forget.

A week of ups and downs and sorting things out, with some christmas shopping thrown in for good measure. The news that Amanda will have to have her knee operated on in the new year - most likely the week of her birthday,  one deceased laptop, one deceased phone and the shambles of an evening that the school called their GCSE presentation evening brought our week to a close last night - one I'm not too sorry to put behind us.  So our new week started today afresh and so far on a better note - the way it will continue :)

So a photo for the sake of a photo taken at Pine Lodge ( a local garden) this tree is in the Winter Garden, I have no idea what it is but I just love the colour of the berries against the dark sky.


  1. Gorgeous photo. Have a better week next week. Diane

  2. Hi there - sorry about the delay in responding, have been away with work all week - bit it seems I have had a better week than you! I used to be a teacher - and it never ceased to amaze me how schools can cause chaos when there should be order!
    I really like the pink grey combination - in fact, if you can get both sunlight and grey skies good pictures are always on the cards.

    Hope next week is better! Stewart M - Australia

  3. What a shame it was such a bad week, but glad you are looking forward xx stunning photo xx

  4. Oh what a week that was! Do you know what sort of tree this is, the leaves look like it might be acacia family? I hope you enjoy a stress free weekend.

  5. Hi Karen, hope this week is panning out a little better. Funny how all the bad bits conspire against you one week and then another is a true celebration! Catch you soon.. busy too! Kathi x


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