Sunday, 27 November 2011

26wk Photo Challenge - Photograph the Light.

For the second theme of the 26wk challenge, the challenge was to photograph the light, explore what the light does. So here are my images four this week.  All were taken in a hotel room last weekend, I very quickly became fascinated by the patterns the light shade created once we turned the light on. The very first photo I took was taken through the window of the light's reflection. No real thought went into this as far as composition was concerned I was just curious how it would come out.  All the photos were taken with a 10-20mm lens (purely because I had just received it back from being repaired and I wanted to make sure it was working!)

AV mode, shutter speed 1/10, f3.5, ISO 100, auto WB

Second photo was of the actual light itself creating a pattern on the ceiling.
AV mode, shutter speed 1/40, f4.5, ISO 100, exp comp +1, tungsten WB.

Thrid photo (last photo) -  I focused in on the actual shafts of light that were spread out across the ceiling from the shade.
 AV mode, 1/20, f3.5, ISO 320, tungsten WB.
All three photos above are straight out of the camera (sooc), no changes of colours or anything.  I really liked the colours I got when the room was lit with very low natural light and tungsten light - so I could see no need to change them.

My best/fav (though I really like the second one I've posted as well - so alittle torn)

AV mode, ss 1/10, f3.5, ISO 100, auto WB.
Once again this one was taken through the window as in the first shot, but I composed it more so that I had the light sitting in amongst the clouds and you could see the land at the bottom (the natural light was fading rapidly by now).  I have cloned out a table lamp that was showing and cropped slightly.  It is not a highly manipulated image created by photoshop, which it would appear to be to some!  I didn't really get to explore this theme with natural light purely because I got distracting playing with artificial light!!

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  1. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your comments on my photos.

    You've ended up with a very clever take on the theme by developing it in your three photos and you've ended up with some great shots.

    Photos 1 & 4 - Very well seen. There's not really any advice I can give on how to improve photo 1 because you've done it for yourself in your favourite one. Clever exposure.

    Photo 2 - Good exposure again and a well framed photo. I like the colours. Again, there is nothing I can add to suggest an improvment - it is a really pleasing image.

    Photo 3 - this is definitely my favourite. I love everything about it - I'm starting to get into this sort of abstract shot. Good exposure again. I particularly like the way you've framed the shot so that the rays emerge off-centre from the bottom of the frame.

    Well done.

  2. Karen, these are amazing, so so creative. From your first three photos the middle one is fantastic and my fave. I can see why you are torn because the last one is stunning. It really does look as if the light is sitting in the clouds xx them xx

  3. They are stunning Karen.

    The first one I may have cropped a bit but you have done that in the last pic which I hope you are going to put in for a comp as is wonderful

    I love the contrast on the 2nd and third with light showing in brown tones.

    Great Job

    P.S. Calendar girl me!!!!!!!

    love and hugs

  4. These are all so pretty. I am torn too.


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