Sunday, 25 September 2011

Weekly photo - family portrait.

Posting my weekly photo early today as I won't be able to get to the computer tonight.  It was family portrait time this week and as I said at the beginning of the week I am one family member down now so this is one I took on holiday - a holiday snapshot really, there was no thought gone in to it when it was taken, Mick and his girls!  Funny just realised I have one just like this taken at Paignton Zoo years ago when they were little, must fish it out to do a comparison!  I turned it to b&w due to the sky being white as it was so bright - hence Mick having slits for eyes!!!

I've just had a look at the list and seen the theme is vehicles this week, should be fun. Anyone welcome to join in - just let me know so we can link up.  Louise will be posting her's later.  Kathi has joined in as well this week :) thank you.


  1. That's lovely though..shall have to see if I can find somethig to offer, it will be a snapshot too, but it'll be good to join in..K

  2. A lovely photo Karen....shame you are not in it! xxx

  3. Karen, this is a lovely photo!! I'm going to wait until next weekend to take mine, as Craig has only just got back from Germany, and Emily has come out in chickenpox tonight! Looking forward to getting to grips with vehicles!!!!

  4. I like this portrait it looks good in B and W.
    Thanks also for sharing your thoughts on my "Skywatch – September Full Moon" photos, it was truly a beautiful display by Mother Nature.

  5. Hi there - my small people are not as big as that yet - but give them time!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  6. Thank you eveyone, Stewart I'm afraid they don't stay small for long make the most of them:)


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