Sunday, 4 September 2011

Weekly photo - bokeh

This week we were playing with creating 'bokeh' (The term bokashi (暈かし) is related, meaning intentional blurring or gradation).  I've come up with three images, the first one was taken in the garden this morning, after the night's rain and before the daytime down pour started!!  By using a large aperture and focusing on the flower it has thrown the background out creating 'bokeh' circles.

AV mode, ss 1/250, f2.8, ex comp +2/3, ISO 100, 90mm, WB daylight.

The next two I set up indoors, I chose a figurine and placed it on a table then position some christmas lights on the door behind using live view on the camera I focused on the 'thank you' and tried to create a circle effect with the lights around the figurine.

 Maual mode, ss 1/15, f2.8, ISO 200, 90mm WB tungsten,  for both images.  Put both in as I couldn't decide which I liked best.

Next week we are photographing 'food' mmmm my favourite, this such be interesting!!

Although Louise didn't manage her photos this week she did manage a lovely scrapbooking layout.

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  1. Sorry Karen!! your photos are amazing. Using the natural light with the flower is great but I love the figurines. I think the postioning in the first photo is my fave and the lights and the orange background...gorgeous xx I can see that photo on a thank you card xx


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