Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Holiday entertainment for teenagers....

...what do you do with bored teenagers in the middle of the school holidays???  Give them some props and sit them in front of the camera and DON'T say "smile" .....

The first - not too impressed!!

 The handle came off - literally!
 Strong stuff in that drink!

Getting serious now!

We had great fun and it gave me a chance to really have a play with my lights.  We are now planning our next 'session' - hopefully moving outdoors this time.


  1. ahhh, quality time with your girls! Hoping photography A level will cement JB and Kate's relationship...one either side of the camera eh? We live in a land called 'Hope' xxxx PS Lovely shots, all of them..esp no.4!!

  2. looks like you certainly got the hang of them lights....fantastic shots. The first few made me smile especially no3 and no4 beautiful...love it xx

  3. Thank you - lots of fun :) xx


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