Sunday, 24 July 2011

Weekly photo - so far behind!

I am so far behind on my weekly photos it is unbelievable, but by tomorrow I promise to be up to date. I have fallen behind for various reasons, one being so much going on at the moment that my mojo took a break for a bit, but I am delighted to say it is back. So here is my take on a self portrait, I thought long and hard about this one, I have never liked photos of me and although nowadays I am happy for them to be taken I don't regard myself as at all photogenic so I tend to pull silly faces instead!!! Very childish I know :)  So instead of silly faces or trying to look good I decided to take photos of things that make up me .... like so

Guess I ought to explain for those who don't know me.  Flip flops - I live in them all summer I have several pairs these one's here are my scruffy one's for gardening etc (in fact now I look at them they may even be Bernadette's, we have similar and I do pinch her's!!)  Tomatoes - I eat them all year round in any form at any time.  I always have a couple first thing in the morning whilst watering the greenhouse (which is where these are) one of my Uncle Lew's memories of me at 2yrs old was me sat on the dining room table having eaten my way through a bowl of tomatoes Aunty Mary had put there for tea!!  Nowadays I sit at the table :) My faithful trainers that have run many a Race for Life with me and are now helping me train for my challenged half a marathon.  Last but not least is one of my Panda's I adore them, yes I had a Panda as a child which I still have today although he is rather thread bare nowadays.  He is sat with my other love perfume my two favourite First and Serenity.  Then in the middle is me with my beloved camera and my new lens!!!!  But that is another story. So there you have it my self portrait.  I shall post the others tomorrow, just in time to start this week's challenge!!

Forgot the links to Louise's , Sam's and Yvonne's though Yvonne took her's for a Scrap class she is doing it fitted in with our weekly challenge. 


  1. hey that's a cool pic.. a bit liek the 'Pieces of Me' layout we did that time. Did I miss the entry where you set the self-portrait challenge or do you follow someone else's plan? K xx

  2. WOW - you looks FAB, baby Karen!!!


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